Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just add glasses?

As I was reading blogs and commentary on reform of the US healthcare system, it struck me that there are Americans who are looking for a Tommy Douglas-like person to champion the cause of universal health care. It doesn't have to be Keifer Sutherland, Douglas' grandson. His daughter Shirley Douglas has been a strong advocate of universal health care and speaks with her father's fire.

Dennis Kucinich is one possibility. Douglas was not prime minister when the implementation of his universal health care policies in Canada became reality. Dennis Kucinich need not become president to bring about health care reform in the US. Both men are/were shorter in stature than average and have similar vocal pitch. Both have/had careers in junior level politics. Both have had lengthy records of progressive policies in many other areas.

After viewing some photos of both men, I couldn't resist the urge to put glasses on Kucinich, just to see. Not an uncanny resemblance, but maybe just enough?

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Timothy Hunt said...

sort of like Clark Kent in reverse!:)